100 Days Of Code


It's official! I have started my 100 days of code challenge. Coding isn't a new thing for me. I actually went to college for this and received my Technical Certificate in Software Development. While I was in college I learned quite a lot about software development and making my own SQL databases. In college I learned Python, HTML, and CSS but we did not go over Javascript. After college I still felt I did not have a good grasp on coding. At the time each class was only 8 weeks long. I felt that was not enough time to learn a programming language and put into practical use the data structures you learn with it. I am doing the 100 days of code challenge to learn and understand these concepts again. I want to take my time with programming instead of rushing for a deadline. I believe if I stick with this 100 days of code challenge I will be able to learn a little bit everyday and compound that knowledge into something great. I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Day #1


The adventure begins! Today is my first day of my 100 days of code. The project I have planned to work on during my 100 days is a professional portfolio page. From watching youtube videos on flexbox and css grid, a Youtuber by the name of Fireship was talking about CSS frameworks. He recommended a minimal framework called PicoCSS. At first I was very hesitant on using this framework because I did not want to look lazy and take the easy way out when developing these pages. To my surprise when using these frameworks you do just as much work as you do when using vanilla CSS but that work is reallocated to actually designing your web page in a cohesive way. With this framework I did not have to worry about my CSS breaking and on top of it I can use vanilla CSS with PicoCSS. This is freeing up time for me so I can think of ways to make my portfolio more interactive for the user. Day 1 was an amazing day!

Day #2


Day 2 here we go! Today I decided to get a little bit crazy with my portfolio. While I was at work I had an idea cross my mind about putting a random quote genrator on my portfolio's front page. If I ever get imposter syndrome I feel like this will snap me out of it. So I got to looking for random quote plugins online and then another idea came to my mind. I asked myself, why don't I make my own random quote generator? I know programming concepts and making one in Javascript couldn't be too crazy. Oh was I wrong. This took me a while to figure out. I finally came to the conclusion that I could grab my own quotes and put them into a list saved to a variable. I would then use the math modules to randomly pick out a quote. After I did this I knew I had the concept kinda working. I then added in the math the length module on the variable. This finally got it working and I was able to print random quotes to the console. I then looked up how to append this to my inner HTML and the last thing I did was make a window function that made the quote refresh everytime I refreshed the page. Here is what my Javascript looks like.

 A picture of Javascript code.

Day #3


Day 3! I did not get much coding done today. I have been currently looking into a framework called svelte today. It may be a little bit too early for me to be looking into frameworks already but I couldn't help myself. I came to the realization though that I should learn the core concepts of web development HTML, CSS, and Javascript a lot better than I currently know them. Even though I am using a css library I found out that with css I can create my own library I can use over and over again. I really need to get out of the though process of building things completely from scratch all the time. I used to make starter files for myself when I produced electronic dance music. I made my own custom framework that worked for me. I feel like I need to do this. I hope I can muster up more inpiration to code more tomorrow, but I am not going to force myself to code tonight because that will crush the joy I have for the art.